Thursday, 6 May 2010

Professor Britânico de 92 anos mora no Paquistão ( veja o video)

Meet the 92 year-old teacher finally calling it a day
Almost seventy years ago, a young British army officer arrived in the Indian subcontinent ready for adventure. He never left.

Major Geoffrey Langlands was present at the birth of Pakistan in 1947 and has spent more than half a century teaching there. Now he is looking for a successor to take over his mountain school in the Chitral Valley in northern Pakistan.

Orla Guerin went to meet him.

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Anonymous said...

Guriiiiaaa eu volteiii chei de saudade!!!
Como tu tá?
Ain quanto tempo hein sem notícias...
Voltei toda repaginada uhul hehe
onde estás? aqui? ou nazarabias?

Beijo grande
ps: vou procurar a tiurma a chiquinha e a Julie que aliás ainda não creio que ela se mandou pro habibi dela hahaha

Annah (ex world)


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