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Pakistani People Won =D

Topic only in English. Thanks Amor ♥for your testimonial. Here he explains what is going on in Pakistan nowadays and why Chief Justice is so important to our nation. Shukria!

мя ш i i i : Pakistani People Won.
Carol..: why?
мя ш i i i :Because, 8 years back there was army dictator who kicked the elected govt and prime minister out and took all powers with him.

Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry (born 12 December 1948 in Quetta) is the 20th Chief Justice of Pakistan.He was appointed as Chief Justice by Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf on May 7th, 2005. He was suspended by President General Musharraf on March 9th, 2007, when he refused to oblige Musharraf by refusing to resign.

So who is he and what happened?
The move sparked the historic Lawyers' Movement which claimed as its first victory the reinstatement of Chaudhry by an order of the Supreme Court on July 20th, 2007. This was the first recorded case of such suspension in the history of Pakistan.

After having been elected as President for second term by the Parliament, Musharraf in November 2007 pre-empted an impending court decision against his re-election and suspended the constitution and declared a state of emergency. Justice Chaudhry reacted promptly, convening a seven-member bench which issued an interim order against this action.

In March 2009, Nawaz Sharif and the Lawyers started a decisive movement to reinstate Chaudhry Iftikhar and other deposed Judges. Long March from all over the country was declared. Finally the Government reinstated Chaudhry Iftikhar and other deposed Judges on 16 March, 2009 through an excecutive order by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

What happened between Chief justice and Musharraf
In 2007, the Supreme court ruled against the government, saying that the selling of Pakistan Steel Mills to a group including Arif Habib, former client and friend of PM Shaukat Aziz, was done in "indecent haste". Why supreme court ruled against this deal because musharaf and prime minister were selling the steel mils in almost free to their friends.

Take an example if I sell a Billion dollar land in few bucks. This decision of Chief Justice was appreciated by everyone but was hated by Musharaf and his friends. Hence it resulted in a Marshall Law on 3rd November 2007. And chief justice was sacked.

Missing People's Case

Many people in Pakistan had been allegedly kidnapped by the American agencies (FBI, CIA) and Pakistani agencies (ISI, MI, IB) in pursuance of the "War on Terror." These people were arrested without any warrant or court order and denied any access to counsel as enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan.

These actions were challenged in the Supreme Court and a bench under the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took up the case. The complainants in the matter headed by Ms Amina Masood Janjua representing 254 missing persons and their families pleaded that the persons concerned be presented in front of a magistrate in line with the law and be given a trial.

The controversy over the matter increased after police baton charged demonstrators demanding released of their kin, stripping off demonstrators in the process which was pasted across the national newspapers increasing resentment against the government. The Supreme Court had the Ministry of Interior and the representatives of the military agencies directed to appear in the court and answer the issues raised causing ripples in Pakistan's powerful establishment.

Carol..: Cf wanted to back to the power or the people? Who chose?
мя ш i i i : people wanted babe, he was cj by law so he had to come back
Carol..: why is he so important to this nation?
мя ш i i i : Because he was the only and the 1st chief justice who said NO to a military dictator, he stood in front of Mush and said u are not eligible to be president according to constitution of Pakistan, According to constitution of armed force officer cant be president and army of chief at same time. Thats why people loved his stand and stood with chief justice.

Carol..: Sounds great! Now that he has back to power what u think will happen to Pakistan?
мя ш i i i : Now Pakistan is totally changed, because its the 1st time that whole nation stood against a military dictator, now we have a strong law enforcer and you know where there is law there is no more injustice.
Carol..: Congratulations, very different from Brazil.. here people don't fight against injustice...
Carol..: Zardari or Musharraf? n y?
мя ш i i i : none of them both r corrupt and CJ is about to take action against both of them
Carol..: hauhauhauhaahu so who?

мя ш i i i : Imran Khan

Carol..: Who is this?
мя ш i i i : Imran Khan former cricketer under his captaincy Pakistan was the cricket world cup in late 1992 and now he is in politics and he is very very very famous in youth. We want him to rule Pakistan.


Mariachiquinha said...

Eu acho "bonito" ver um povo lutando por justiça, por questões éticas, por uma política descente.

É uma pena que os jovens brasileiros já não se interessam mais pelas questõe políticas do nosso país. No máximo, nos altos salários dos cargos vereadores, deputados...

Amanhã, dia 23 de março comemora-se o Dia da Independência do Paquistão. Feriado nacional.

Carol said...

Com certeza maria
segui sua dica e falei sobre isso no blog, veja

Carol said...

Thanks babe for ur time, this post is great

Everyn Palhares said...

Parabens a vc e o Waqas pelo post...=)...Excellent!!! By the way...Esse Iram Khan eh TDB hein hihihi...tbm kero ele pra presidente...=P

Everyn Palhares said...

Ahhh..soh um detail..FOR GOD SAKE flor, pelo amor da minha visao...MUDE A COR DESSA FONTE...kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...embaralha tudoooo a vista e naum dah pra ler nada...Tenho q por em destaque pra poder ler...afffffff...acho q com esse fundo marrom, branco seria a melhor alternativa como fonte...=D

Suas assiduas leitoras

Carol said...

obrigada Pakileña
na verdade o fundo eh bege
alguns lugares do pak aparece que o fundo eh marrom, num sei pq, mas refresh... e paciencia


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