Thursday, 28 May 2009

A Crisis That Doesn't Exist

Reading Waqas's news today I rembered something I heard: " US' crisis can be just an excuse". Have your ever thought about that this Crisis was a good excuse to fire people and get more for half salary? Or send back Immigrants? Well its all I see here, companies firing people who used to earn 700 real and after recontracting more for only 400 real! European countries, US and Japan making offers for Immigrants back to their homes, giving tickets for all families... but with the simple condition to never return! Easy? Smart? All well done planned! Congratulations USA! You got what you wanted.. many people in the world now are without jobs... What makes me think that US is behind all this? Easy, how can a country says is facing financial issues but kept supporting Iraq, Talebeans and Swats' war???????? Open your mind and see the reality!


Everyn Palhares said...

Sabe que eu jah tinha pensado nisso tbm?...Que porra eh essa de crise que os EUA tah dando "ajuda" financeira pra todo mundo? Ouxi, pelo que eu saiba, pela logica,jah q segundo a midia eles tao no Koo do saci, eles teriam q estar investindo no pp pais deles e naum no dos outros nah?

Mas tooooodo esse blah blah blah soh pra mandar os estrangeiros embora? Serah?

Carol said...

POis eh, eu concordo!


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