Monday, 22 June 2009

A verdade sobre o Paquistao

Achei esse documentario muito interessante, espero que todos possam ver os videos =)

A Truth about Pakistan.

Pakistan is a sovereign country of more than 164 million peace loving people. It is 7'th declared nuclear state in the world and has 7'th largest army equipped with latest missile defence system.

Moreover Pakistan is a rapidly developing country and a major emerging market, with an economic growth rate of 7 percent per annum for four consecutive years up to 2007.

However, the year 2008 was not good for Pakistan and it faced certain problems created by those who have no concern with the prosperity of Pakistan, but soon the brave people of Pakistan will cope up those bad guys and by the Grace of Allah almighty, Pakistan will be once again on the road of prosperity .

Best wishes for the whole world
Pakistan Zindabad

Enquanto isso eu continuo dismistificando esse lado A do Pak, mas em breve (dependendo da minha inspiracao) sobre o lado B.

Amo esse videozinhooo


Carol said...

esses dois primeiros videos estao otimosssssssss
deu uma saudade de laaaaaa

Carol said...

Pakistan Zindabad = vida longa ao pak


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