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Filmes que recomendo

Para quem gosta da cultura e quer aproveitar o finde pra assistir uns filminhos eis aqui minhas dicas:

Esse eh novo, ainda esta nos cinemas daqui, mas creio que consigam fazer o download. Assistimos ele ontem, vale a pena, muito bom, historia diferente.


How do you count eight packs? The question plagues you when you first come at Aamir Khan in his new movie. His rippling musculature has been all the focus, through the past month, in print, in TV, in hoardings. That, and the buzz cut, with deep scars running through, showing the scalp. This is an Aamir we haven't seen before—fronting a frame filling physique, flaunting matter over mind.

If you had 15 minutes of memory, what would you cram into that terrifyingly short span? The name of your loved one, your phone number, your home? If you were a regular joe, that's exactly what you'd do, but if you are Aamir Khan in ‘Ghajini', you would bulk up your body, tattoo the name of the man you need to kill, and smear your walls with violent graffiti.

Short term memory loss means you forget, everything, within a short span of time. And the moment you get back into the zone, re-building the pieces of your life, the clock starts ticking again, for the next meltdown. It's a fascinating premise for a movie, and a few years ago, ‘Memento', made by Christopher Nolan, gave us a unique hero who suffers from short haul amnesia, while he searches for his beloved's killer.

In 2005, the Tamil ‘Ghajini', inspired by ‘Memento', catapulted the till-then-on-the-fringes lead pair of Surya and Asin into the frontlines, and turned out to be a monster hit.

Aamir Khan's first film this year, is a faithful remake of the Tamil film (with a lot of the original crew , including the director) barring a couple of twists in the climax. It has Aamir doing an out-and-out actioner after a long time (‘Sarfarosh' in 1999 was the last time he went around brandishing guns and decimating baddies). It also has him bare-chested for a lot of the running time, because he needs to display his impressively muscled frame. So is it all good?

Not really, no. The thing with doing a film like this is that you have to completely get with the flow of the film, and here Aamir is split down the middle. When he's Sanjay Singhania, the billionaire boy friend of wannabe celeb Kalpana (Asin), pretending to be a broke model himself, to insinuate himself into her good books, he's just fine.

The sequence in which he first sees her help a bunch of disabled kids and loses his iron-clad heart to her, is a winner. So are a few others: how many impossibly wealthy men carry ‘chutta' to give the ‘pani puri wala'? He flips him his platinum card, and we crack a smile, as we are meant to.

And then the transformation from smooth urbane tycoon, to the damaged violent guy happens, and the film starts to stutter. Not because Aamir doesn't try hard. He goes at this one with just as much effort as he does in his others, but he doesn't fill out this part with as much conviction. It's all his fault--- he shouldn't have done films like ‘Rang De Basanti' and ‘Taare Zameen Par', in which he coasted on his cerebral appeal. He just doesn't look the part of a man who can pulp other humans with his bare hands, despite the wild grimaces and the angry howls.

The maximum fun is had by Asin, nicely curved and rounded, very far from unreal size zeroes, making her Hindi cinema debut. She plays pretty much the same role as she did in the original-- loud, warm, emotional, and is the best part of the movie, but even she can't liven up the pallid songs-and-dances. Third lead Jiah Khan, the medical student who studies the amnesiac and ends up first hindering then helping him, is a total loss-- she has to speak Hindi and do an item number, and both are beyond her. The villain (Pradeep Rawat) looks like he's a bit part stretched into something he can't quite handle: is he the only one they could find?

Too long, at three hours and some.
Shoot On Sight
Is it a crime to be a muslim?
Tariq Ali (Shah), a Muslim police officer of Scotland Yard, is asked to hunt-down suspected suicide-bombers against the backdrop of July 7 bombings in London. Ali's task becomes more complicated as an innocent Muslim is killed by armed police on the Underground. Ali, a Lahore-born British citizen married to an English woman with two children, is himself distrusted by his colleagues, despite his long service in the Metropolitan Police. The cast include Brian Cox ,Sadie Frost, Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri and Cloudia Swann.
Li numa revista que o filme fo inspirado na morte do Brasileiro Jean Charles.. mas num tem muito a ver num, somente os fatos.


pamella said...
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pamella said...

Nossa Carol, parabens pelo Blog!! Eu ja conhecia o teu blog antigo (aquele do E te descobri faz um tempinho aqui.. Mas hoje confesso que ME DEU uma vontade imensa de escrever aqui quando vi sua postagem... Ah... Adorei seu blog!! Muito lindo e rico em informações...

Primeiramente, deixa eu me apresentar.. meu nome é pamella.. É verdade...GHAJINI é um filme lindo... Ahh, pra quem quiser ver o filme que a Carol Indica o link é esse aqui:

Eu morei quando adolescente em Chennai e sempre passo por esse site ( pra matar a saudade de Tamil Nadu.. :) Eu AMOOOO CHENNAI!!! Nossa, me lembro quando ia pro cinema.. hahahhaha so pra assistir filmes sem legenda.. mas tudo bem.. eu aprendi tamil e hindi..entao ta valendo... hmm, é tbm e a unica diversao que a gente tem por la.. la nao tem capricho, namorinho nem nada... Eu pessoalmente prefiro a versão em Tamil que é de 2005... acho muito mais bonita.. e com a mesma atriz.. mas gostei da hindu tbm :)

Ah... uma musica linda para os apaixonados que tambem tem no filme é:

Essa musica e do ARR.. que é uma especie de Roberto Carlos de la.. eu AMOOO todas as musicas do ARR.. nao tem nenhuma melhor que a outra, todas sao perfeitas... A letra e traducao da musica que eu indiquei tá aqui:

Beijoss... desejo toda a felicidade do mundo para voce ai... E vou voltar no seu blog sempre :)

Carol said...

OI Pamellaaaaa
amei seu comments
obrigada pelo apoio


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